Atani’s funding round featured participation from some of the biggest names within the European VC arena, business angels, and individual investors.

Atani, a growing crypto startup, has received $6.25 million from renowned European VC firms as it embarks on the next leg of its rollout of a low-cost, open-for-all crypto ecosystem.

New Seed Funding Empowers Atani to Address Growing Needs of Crypto Traders

Owing to the crypto ecosystem’s decentralized nature, traders and regular users find it extremely difficult to find the right balance between affordability and efficiency. However, with the unprecedented surge in the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies, a budding crypto startup, Atani, is leading the way by dedicating all of its resources to ensure crypto enthusiasts get a feature-laden yet affordable platform.

Following a successful $750,000 pre-seed round closed in May 2019, Atani has raised an additional $6.25 million in a recently completed seed funding round. The round featured participation from some of the biggest names within the European VC arena, business angels, and individual investors, such as JME Ventures, Conexo Ventures, Encomenda Smart Capital, and Lanai Partners.

Samuel Gil, a partner at JME Ventures, is certain about Atani’s project roadmap. He comments:

“We believe Atani is one of just a few startups really addressing the needs of cryptocurrency traders. Compared to traditional stockbrokers, cryptocurrency trading platforms provide a very poor and fragmented user experience and lack the proper portfolio management and tax accounting tools. Atani effectively solves those pain points.”

Co-founder & CEO of Atani Paul Barroso notes, “We started investing in Bitcoin back in 2013 and have experienced first-hand the growing sophistication and fragmentation of the crypto market. The pains of interacting with different exchanges, managing multiple trading tools, or dealing with taxes drove us to build Atani.”

New Platform Offering a Myriad of Services

Established in 2019 by Paul and Haydée Barroso between London, Madrid, and Barcelona to address the sluggish navigation accompanying cryptocurrency platforms, the organization claims that the fundamental adoption drivers of crypto must include simplifying the user experience and reducing costs.

The Atani platform, an all-in-one, non-custodial platform for crypto-traders and investors, is available for free on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The platform enables trade execution, portfolio tracking, and charting through 20+ crypto exchanges via a single interface, all in real-time at no cost. Since its inception, the team has built a robust, reliable, and scalable software infrastructure, enabling a sophisticated trading network now ready for large-scale commercial use. With a team of 20+ experts, Atani is moving rapidly to provide greater accessibility for all market participants and stakeholders.

Atani COO and Co-founder Haydée Barroso adds: “With our latest seed funding, we are ready to bring a seamless crypto trading experience across spot, futures, and DeFi to users in every corner of the globe.”

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