According to the details provided by Cainiao, the shipments are expected to be delivered globally within 72 hours to ensure efficiency.

As most coronavirus vaccines enter late-stage trials, different countries are aligning themselves to facilitate the vaccination process. Apparently, China through Alibaba-backed Cainiao has teamed up with Ethiopian Airlines to kickstart the vaccines cold chain. According to the media outlet TechCrunch, Ethiopian Airlines will work to distribute China’s coronavirus vaccines, especially to countries closely linked to China.

“We are currently in discussion with some domestic COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers and international organizations on cooperation over COVID-19 vaccine logistics,” Cainiao’s spokesperson said on Thursday.

According to details provided by Cainiao, the shipments are expected to be delivered globally within 72 hours to ensure efficiency. Notably, the shipments are expected to depart from Shenzhen airport, through Dubai, then Addis Ababa before being distributed to other regions.

“As soon as the vaccines are ready, we will have the capabilities to transport them,” a Cainiao spokesperson told the media.

Cainiao and Ethiopian Airlines Partnership

Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Limited, which was jointly formed by Alibaba and other companies, has grown to a respectable unicorn and logistics company that delivers to all regions within 24 hours. Its partnership with one of Africa’s leading airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, will significantly bolster its delivery capacity and thus save countries in Africa and the rest of the world that do not have the capacity to develop their vaccine.

“The launch of the cold chain air freight has further bolstered our global logistics capabilities and allow us to offer a one-stop solution for the global distribution of medical products such as the COVID-19 vaccines,” said James Zhao, general manager of Cainiao’s international supply chain unit.

The logistics company noted that this will be the first of China’s cross-border medical cold chain route that will be operated regularly. With the vaccines transported through certified tools to regulate the temperature, their efficiency is guaranteed upon usage.

As of December 3, the total number of reported coronavirus cases in Africa stands at 2,201,303 with total fatalities at 52,581 and recovered cases at 1,866,301. Although the continent has not been severely affected by the pandemic in Compton the United States and Europe, an efficient vaccine could save it from seeing a surge in reported cases.

Alibaba has been on the front line to help most African states by donating medical equipment. Now in partnership with the Ethiopian airline and Chinese coronavirus vaccines, the virus may be under control by 2022 as predicted by most analysts.

Some of the Chinese biotech companies working on a possible coronavirus vaccine include Sinovac Biotech Ltd, CanSinoBio and China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm).

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