According to the artist, the billboard exhibition intends to create Bitcoin awareness in the locations where he thinks it is most needed.

A pseudonymous Bitcoin artist Cryptograffiti has concluded a billboards exhibition with a $10,000 BTC treasure hunt in12 cities. Notably, each of the 12 billboards is erected in every city that the Federal Reserve Bank is located across America. They are Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Richmond.

One of the series of the 12 billboards is positioned in a blue-collar neighborhood outside of San Francisco. Placed off a busy highway in the neighborhood, the billboard is designed with a giant $1 bill, the start of the $10,000 treasure hunt.

Bitcoin Artist Says Billboards Are Targeted at Average Citizens

According to the artist, the billboard exhibition intends to create Bitcoin awareness in the locations where he thinks it is most needed. He noted that the message is targeted at average citizens and not Wall Street. Speaking to CoinDesk on the billboard exhibition work, he said:

“We’re seeing the price go up a bunch and I don’t want to see the everyday citizen get left behind. We need to teach as many people as possible about what this is about. Try and do something that brings attention to it by making a statement with magnitude in the Fed’s backyards and redirects the viewers back to Bitcoin and educate them that they may be held back by the Fed’s policies. It’s more than just the billboard.”

Each billboard in its strategic position is a piece of Cryptograffiti’s “United Nodes of Bitcoin.” Also, each billboard has its unique statement. Each piece with its saying all calls for action

Additionally, Cryptograffiti said that the dollar art may make Bitcoin more presentable to people who are not familiar with the digital asset’s technical world. He added that the art is not focused on Bitcoin jargon and would make people more open to asking questions. Therefore, he believes that artists are “a sign of health for the community.”

He said:

“This could turn to something bigger.”

Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

Apart from creating Bitcoin awareness to the people, there is also a 0.21 BTC reward for the treasure hunt. The 12th billboard, positioned in Oakland, has a part of the private key hodling the BTC. Since then, Cryptograffiti has been posting clues to the rest of the private key in a Twitter thread.

The artist told CoinDesk that the key would eventually be swept later in the week as there is currently an active Discord server on the case.

Bitcoin and altcoins have been spiking over the past year. Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, has gained more popularity globally. With a market value of more than $908 billion, Bitcoin is currently up 5.98%.

In a recent report, Citi Bank said that Bitcoin could become the future of international transactions.

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