The blockchain technology can be relied upon as it is vast and tamper-proof, moreover, anybody can verify the data on the chain.

Ant Group Co. Ltd. is making headlines this week for all good reasons. According to news outlet Coindesk, Ant Group continues to roll out its blockchain-based platform that helps content creators fight copyright infringement.

Besides, the fintech company that is affiliated to Alibaba Group Holding Limited received the final approval from the Hong Kong stock exchange for what is slated to be the world’s biggest-ever Initial Public Offering.

Coindesk noted that the new blockchain platform will significantly fight copyright infringement issues as it will use tamper-proof technology. Notably, the blockchain-based platform will enable users to search tools allowing them to monitor and flag potential copyright infringement. In addition, users can also potentially save creators compared with traditional copyright registration and certification services.

Forward, content creators will be in a position to authenticate and verify original work. The platform will stop users who duplicate content that is already saved in its database. The noble idea is a huge relief to content creators who suffer copyright infringement issues thus losing possible income to illegitimate users.

The blockchain technology can be relied upon as it is vast and tamper-proof, whereby anybody can verify the data on the chain.

Ant Group and Its Work with Blockchain

Ant Group built the platform on the AntChain network that incorporates both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence technology.

The platform is among the many projects that Ant Group has embarked to focus on with its vast capital. Notably, Ant Group is the brain behind the successful digital payment processing app, Alipay that is reported to serve over one billion users and 80 million merchants in China. Alipay prides itself on having processed a total payment volume (TPV) of approximately RMB118 trillion in June 2020.

Backed by a charismatic leader Jack Ma, Ant Group promises its investors a bright future based on global challenges it is solving.

In addition, the company has an incredible track record hence capable of delivering as per investors’ expectations. Apparently, Ant Group has received its final approval from Hong Kong stock exchange to proceed with what is dubbed as the world largest Initial Public Offering.

According to the Financial Times, the dual listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai is set to raise approximately 30 billion. Hereby putting its market capitalization to approximately $318 billion as cited by Financial Times. Chinese tech companies are proving a headache to the American government that is said to be using “security issues” as a false alarm in blacklisting them from trading in the United States.

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