Brave has made significant progress in its active monthly users over the past few years with even higher numbers expected to be recorded with their latest acquisition.

 In a bid to provide a private alternative to Google Search and Google Chrome, Brave Software Inc has acquired the Tailcat search engine of Hubert Burda Media to push that agenda. This makes them the first private alternative to these heavyweight platforms having decided to offer their services on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

Tailcat is an open search engine and will become the backbone of the Brave search. Brave search and Brave browser will be able to track users on various websites and according to the report, they will have a respective 70% and 92% market shares. Currently, privacy has become a very important demand of users, and Brave Search and Brave Browser factored this need in their design.

Brave search has several features including its transparency. According to them, they will have no secret algorithm to cause their results to be biased. It also promises to be independent by turning to the contribution of the community in an anonymous way to produce one of the finest search engine platforms. This will add up to the already existing tech companies that relied on a lot of years and a huge amount of money to produce quality results for users. 

Brave search has also been said to give privacy to users by not tracking their profile. There will also be an ad-free search and ad-support search which will give options to users. They promise to prioritize users than data and advertising industries and finally provide seamless and open service to users. 

Brave has made significant progress in its active monthly users over the past few years with even higher numbers expected to be recorded with their latest acquisition and their privacy integrated Browser. They have improved on their active monthly users from $11 million to $25 million in 2021. The building of a privacy-preserving, independent, and the robust search engine will be a huge boost against the bad personal data collection habit of heavyweight tech companies. 

Tailcat is built to not rely on the collection of IP addresses or personal data of users to improve upon the quality of search results. It can produce the expected quality of users whilst maintaining privacy as it is built on an independent index. 

Paul-Bernhard Kallen, the Chief Executive Officer of Hubert Burda Media stated that the entire team is very excited about their technology being used by Brave to create an alternative to Google with a focus on privacy. He assured them that they will keep providing their support and be actively involved in the project. Users will have the control they deserve over their online experience as they expand their browser into a super app. 

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