CoinShares has been quite active in scaling their operations and has reported having raised £17.5 M in Q1 asset management.

CoinShares, which is Europe’s biggest digital asset investment firm, is all prepared to purchase the ETF index business of Elwood Technologies. CoinShares will be making this purchase at a market price of $17 million.

Elwood Tech through this platform had partnered with Invesco and had facilitated a launch of Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain Equity (the Invesco Blockchain ETF), which provides access to international companies who wish to generate revenue using blockchain technology.

Elwood Tech had been a promising ETF Contender and had managed to raise US$ 1 billion since its inception in 2019. The company has managed to build a reputation of providing the best equity research team to major digital asset firms apart from conducting their usual ETF procedural processes. The acquisition ensures that Elwood Tech’s equity team will now assist CoinShares as a primary source to scale the firm’s business operations in the ETF domain.

The acquisition further assures that it would not affect Elwood Tech’s Index Business hierarchy and will ensure that the business runs its conventional course and continues with the publishing of research related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

CoinShares Collabs with Invesco to Explore ETF as a Promising Investment Resource

CoinShares collaboration with Invesco promises a new approach in conducting crypto transactions via assimilation of traditional sources and making them more reliable for futuristic ventures in crypto. With assets worth $150 billion under its belt, Invesco is one of the largest asset managers in the world that help investors explore various investment methodologies whether direct or indirect to ensure profitable returns. It was also the very organization to introduce blockchain ETF via a partnership with Elwood Technology. Now with this acquisition, CoinShares will have access to both the in-house asset firms to accomplish successful proceedings.

Elwood Technologies CEO James Stickland had commented on the acquisition and expressed their joy in getting an acquisition with a reputable organization like CoinShares and are looking forward to seeing how the acquisition will pan out in the ETF index business domain.

Meanwhile, CoinShares has been quite active in scaling their operations and has reported having raised £17.5 M in Q1 asset management. They have also launched Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in a collaboration with 31Q.

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