For anyone who has to frequently send money internationally, ZoomMe could be a great and affordable option to cut down on transaction costs.

As many immigrants know first-hand, international remittance is a crucial part of everyday life, and for some, the only way they can provide for their families back home. The industry dominates international peer-to-peer money transfer, with over $400 billion in volume every year. Such an enormous transfer of wealth leaves the international remittance realm ripe for exploitation through high fees, which tend to affect the poor and working-class the most.

With three-quarters of all international remittance payments going to developing countries, something had to be done. In a bid to claim a corner of the market and provide a fairer deal to users, CoinZoom has created ZoomMe, an international remittance and payment transfer platform that charges its users zero commission or fees.

How ZoomMe Can Offer Zero Transaction Fees

Using blockchain technology, ZoomMe doesn’t levy punitive transaction fees, allowing 100% of the money sent to its users to be claimed. Instead of paying fees, all that’s required to use the platform is an allocation of ZOOM, the native token of the CoinZoom ecosystem. Once a user has ZOOM, they will be able to send money anywhere in the world with no fees. This even rivals domestic transfer services like Venmo, which offers a weekly cap of only $7,000 per account. There are different tiers on ZoomMe that allow users to send different amounts daily, with the highest amount peaking at $10,000 per day, more than can be sent in one week using Venmo.

CoinZoom Debit Cards Unlock User Value

To gain access to ZoomMe and start sending free international transactions, all you need is a CoinZoom card, a debit card available solely to ZOOM token holders. Even with the lowest daily spending level, available through the ‘Select’ card, users can send $500 daily. The next levels up are the ‘Preferred’ card and Gold cards, which let users transfer $1,000 and $2,500 respectively each day. However, those aren’t the only benefits, as all of these cards also offer a cashback program. Cashback ranges from one to five percent, with the Select, Preferred, and Gold cards each getting one, two, and three percent cashback. These cards are easy to use and available to everyone in the US, with the only requirement being a minimum allocation of ZOOM, starting at 100 ZOOM and moving up with each tier.

The final two card levels are the Platinum and Black cards, great options for anyone who needs to send large quantities of money internationally. With the Platinum card, users can send up to $5,000 globally with no fees; CoinZoom doubles this limit to $10,000 per day for the Black card. These cards also come with higher cashback offerings, with four percent for the Platinum card and a generous five percent cashback for the Black card.

For anyone who has to frequently send money internationally, ZoomMe could be a great and affordable option to cut down on transaction costs. With no fees and users having full ownership of their ZOOM and all currencies kept on the platform, ZoomMe is setting a new industry standard for what users should expect from their international remittance provider. With ZoomMe, users can give and receive the full value being transmitted, taking money back from corporations and giving it to the people who need it most.

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