Cook Protocol will allow users to analyze risks and benefits before making an investment, akin to the due diligence needed for a traditional investment fund.

Cook Protocol has announced that it will be partnering with DuckDAO, with the latter assisting with strategy, marketing, and growth. This will help Cook Protocol achieve the initial goals on its roadmap and bring decentralized asset management to a global audience.

DuckDAO is rapidly establishing itself as one of the preeminent community-based digital asset investment and advisory organizations, making it a perfect partnership for Cook Protocol. In the name of expanding financial access beyond the wealthy and elite classes, this partnership has the opportunity to push Cook Protocol forward by leaps and bounds.

Permissionless and Borderless Asset Management

Cook Finance is not just solving a problem: it is opening up a whole new world of finance for the financially underprivileged and underrepresented. Cook is looking to take a substantial bite out of the asset management market, an industry that is valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Using its decentralized platform, Cook will enable any investor to select from a pool of investment choices by experienced and sought-after fund managers. Previously, a service like this would require tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars; now, it will be freely available to anyone regardless of their income bracket.

Using Cook Protocol, fund managers can set up funds in a straightforward manner, employing advanced investment strategies to maximize potential returns for contributors. Not only will everyday investors get exposure to investment vehicles that were previously off-limits, but fund managers will get an influx of capital from new investors. This win-win relationship creates incentives for both parties and allows participation based on merit. The more successful a fund manager is, the more users and wealth they will attract, creating a snowball effect of value.

Opening New Doors

Cook Protocol will allow users to analyze risks and benefits before making an investment, akin to the due diligence needed for a traditional investment fund. The funds will range across a variety of sectors, from index funds to actively managed funds and everything in between.

Although Cook Finance’s core mission differs substantially from DuckDAO, the projects have similarities in terms of making finance and investing more accessible. With DuckDAO’s personalized project advisory for high potential projects and decentralized incubator, it will be able to help guide Cook Protocol down a path it has already begun to travel.

Traditionally, an investment firm would need to acquire insurance for their holdings, but there is a different way in the decentralized ledger world. Cook has also partnered with Nxus Mutual, a decentralized risk coverage platform, to provide insurance for funds secured in Cook’s protocol. If there is ever a hack or malicious attack against the platform resulting in a loss of funds, Nexus Mutual’s insurance policies will kick in and pay back investors. By harnessing the power of the crowd, Cook Protocol is aiming to democratize the investment and asset management sector and make high-return investments more broadly available.

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