During the closed testing of the NBA Top Shot platform, the most valuable item to-date has been a rare LeBron James dunk which was resold on the in-game marketplace for $5,200.

After months of closed testing, Dapper Labs on Thursday officially opened its NBA Top Shot gaming platform through Samsung Galaxy Store to all fans globally.

“It’s a 3D game where you control players on a basketball court,” Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, said in an interview. He explained that once a user has put together their team of desired players for the game, they could then use the “moments” they own to upgrade their players’ abilities.

With basketball enjoying millions of fans globally, NBA Top Shot was created to make the game more interesting by giving each player a customized perspective of the game.

According to the press release by Dapper Labs, early adopters of the NBA Top Shot managed to generate 43,000 packs sold, 29,000 Moments gifted, and 10,500 Moments sold in the Marketplace. As a result, Dapper Labs has collected over $2 million in revenue from the platform. It is an incredible performance putting in perspective that the platform has been in testing since May of this year. Notably, the platform has received financial backing from a handful of NBA stars, hence giving it a strong kicker.

Gharegozlou said:

“Collecting NBA Top Shots is a lot of fun – and thanks to the Flow blockchain, your collections are worth real money”.

He continued:

“The NBA Top Shot community is the best I’ve ever worked with: people are always happy to help. We knew that the benefits of blockchain would be obvious to sports fans, they’re already collectors, after all, but to scale to the size of basketball fandom, it had to be on Flow”.

Dapper NBA Top Shot First in the Samsung Galaxy Store

New use cases for blockchain technology are emerging in the entertainment industry, which is promising to further the course of digital asset adoption globally.

During the closed testing of the NBA Top Shot platform, the most valuable item to-date has been a rare LeBron James dunk which was resold on the in-game marketplace for $5,200. Besides there are four LeBron moments that have been resold for more than $2,000.

Dapper noted that NBA Top Shot is the first blockchain-based app to be launched in the Samsung Galaxy Store. Hereby, it will be supported with the release of a dedicated mobile game using the collectible moments, due in early 2021. It is not the first move by the NBA to use blockchain technology to reach out to its global fans and make the games more interesting. Notable players have tried to tokenize their contract and engage their fans directly.

Aaron Gordon, NBA player of Orlando Magic and NBA All-Star Dunk Competition fame, said:

“I’m a big believer in the fact that technology can make people’s lives better, and blockchain is one of those kinds of technologies”.

NBA Top Shot, on a scalable blockchain like Flow, is the first time fans can own a piece of the on-court action, and who wouldn’t want that?

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