Thanks to this partnership, users across Germany would have access to a consistent customer experience and an optimized performance.

Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) has announced that the Deutsche Telekom company has chosen it as its new partner to help the firm transform its operator’s optical network into a service-based platform that would easily meet the demands of Industry 4.0. 

According to available details, the new partners are geared towards enabling Deutsche Telekom to deliver a more nuanced and improved service to their customers. In the long run, the quality experience would drastically change as their existing network to a more scalable and an automated network.

At the end, the firm would benefit from this automation as it would simplify their operations and also reduce the workload on the network thereby leading to more efficiency and more progress.

Nokia would be using its Nokia WaveFabric service-ready platforms and Nokia WaveSuite software portfolio that include Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) and it is powered by the PSE-V family of coherent DSPs (digital signal processors). Users of the network across Germany would have access to a consistent customer experience and an optimized performance.

Dr. Erik Weiß of Deutsche Telekom says that the new partnership with Nokia would enable the firm “realize its goals by creating a more scalable and automated services-centric platform that will support us well into the future.” He added that the firm would also be “transforming its optical network to give their customers a highly differentiated service quality of experience.”

Rafael De Fermin Del Castillo of Nokia expressed his excitement about the new partnership as it would be “providing a customer-focused solution that will transform its optical transport network into a services-centric platform for the Industry 4.0 era.” He added that the firm’s Germany based innovation centers which have made significant contributions to our optical networking innovation would be used.

Nokia reiterated its “commitment to innovation and technology leadership, driven by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, we deliver networks at the limits of science across mobile, infrastructure, cloud, and enabling technologies.”

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