If you are a quick decision-maker and can’t wait for the whole month to see an interest payout from your investment, choose Nexo as your cryptocurrency savings account. It gives daily interest payments within 24 hours.

Users who opt for Nexo can earn up to 12% APY on their cryptocurrency. Additionally, it offers over $100 million in insurance to protect users’ investments.

Best for First-Time Buyers: Coinbase

If you are new in the digital currency world and need a simpler solution for your investments, choose Coinbase. It keeps you out of a lot of technicalities and makes buying and selling cryptocurrency simple.

Using Coinbase as your savings account, US-based customers can easily earn up to 1.25% APY on US Dollar Coins.

The Bottom Line

With the world shifting towards digital currencies, go towards the smarter solution, where you get returns for your valuable investments.

There are many options for cryptocurrency savings accounts out there, so take the time to review and find your best match before you sign up for one. Good Luck!

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