Notably, the Clarion protocol will not have a governance token like most blockchain projects.

One of the most successful blockchain developers Dan Larimer, EOS founder, has revealed his next big project dubbed Clarion. In a note on GitHub, Larimer noted that the project is in the early stages and he is gathering a team of developers.

According to him, Clarion OS is dubbed to disrupt the internet by providing scalable and decentralized services.

“This project will be developed in the open and welcomes contributions from anyone interested in restoring the internet to the level of logical decentralization that was intended before Big Tech locked us into their services and stopped producing tools that empower people,” Larimer explained.

According to news outlet Decrypt, the Clarion protocol will be designed to enable its users to communicate on a decentralized platform. Some of the notable features include sending messages, and group chats.

Blockchain technology is set to disrupt most of the established internet services in different aspects. Among them is the ability to scale and allow users to benefit from their data through system participants. Besides, blockchain technology is set to eliminate third-party reliance, particularly by enabling smart contracts.

Clarion by Dan Larimer and Market Perspective

Notably, the Clarion protocol will not have a governance token like most blockchain projects. Inasmuch as it is a decentralized blockchain-focused protocol, Clarion will only use the cryptographic aspect of blockchain technology.

The Clarion protocol will be designed to use cryptographic technology through the use of private keys. Thereby eliminating the use of bots to create more system activities as reported in other platforms like Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) or Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB).

Clarion is intended on taking the head-to-head established tech companies in the market. However, its success is not guaranteed and will significantly depend on the teams’ ability to deliver unique products and also the marketing strategy.

Under the leadership of Larimer, Clarion is assured of financial support. Larimer has steered EOS since the 2018 ICO hype to heights of great competition.

The global social media market has significantly changed in different aspects particularly during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Clarion could attract huge customers based on the uniqueness in comparison to its competitors.

Larimer has gained tremendous experience that has seen EOS be dubbed as the ‘Ethereum killer’. According to metrics provided by CoinGecko, EOS has a market capitalization of $3,622,166,748 with a daily volume of $2,796,098,000. The asset has a circulation supply of 953,252,081 and is ranked position 24 in terms of market capitalization.

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