eToro wants the Bitcoin Value Chain to consist of firms operating in the mining, semiconductor, payments, exchange, custodianship, and insurance spaces, as well as the asset itself.

Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage company eToro has launched a stock portfolio that seeks to track the performance of companies building the Bitcoin Value Chain. According to the company’s announcement, the portfolio dubbed the “BitcoinWorldWide” will not take into cognizance firms that do not offer direct service or churn out a product that can promote the adoption of the cryptocurrency.

As Bitcoin and the general blockchain and digital currency ecosystem mature, there is a growing demand to keep close exposure to the space as much as possible. While many people are still conservative about investing directly in the digital currency per its scary volatility and regional regulation limitations, the stock portfolio being launched by eToro can serve as a perfect substitute.

“As it crosses into mainstream awareness, bitcoin is increasingly in the spotlight,” says Dani Brinker, eToro’s Head of Portfolio Investments. “New all-time highs might make headlines, but the most significant change surrounding the world’s largest crypto is not its price, but the companies building the value chain around it. From mining operations to chip manufacturers and those delivering services to support usage, payments, exchanges, and custody, there’s more to bitcoin than you might think.”

Subscription to the BitcoinWorldWide portfolio would cost $1000, and though it comes with no management fees. Other costs, including spread and conversion fees (for those not depositing in USD), do still apply according to the firm.

Companies Tracked in the eToro Bitcoin Stock Portfolio

As noted by the company, it wants the Bitcoin Value Chain to consist of firms operating in the mining, semiconductor, payments, exchange, custodianship, and insurance spaces, as well as the asset itself.

As such, the new eToro stock portfolio tracks the shares of payment giant PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL), NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA), mining hardware producer Canaan Inc (NASDAQ: CAN), newly listed public crypto exchange, Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN), and a Bitcoin allocation.

Paypal made its foray into BTC last year when it started permitting Bitcoin and select altcoin transactions on its platform. With the firm’s provisions, its broad list of merchants can receive payment in crypto. NVIDIA is a chip manufacturer, renowned for producing the GPUs used in a wide range of mining equipment. Canaan manufactures mining hardware while Coinbase exchange is a trading platform and crypto custody provider in which Bitcoin is one of its flagship assets.

eToro is very cautious in its choice of stocks to add to the portfolio, excluding business intelligence firm MicroStrategy Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR) known for its bullish stance on Bitcoin, and has over 90,000 units of the cryptocurrency in its reserve.

“Our aim is to provide retail investors with an easy way to get exposure to companies that deliver a service or product essential to the further adoption of bitcoin,” said Brinker. “It is a broader approach to bitcoin investing that offers a diversified investment, uncorrelated with the bitcoin itself, but maintains exposure to the growth potential of the crypto sector.”

As MicroStrategy’s only engagement to BTC is its direct buy-ups, it had to be excluded.

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