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Weekly Market forecast and breakdown of a few pairs I am looking at for the week ahead. As usual DXY, EURUSD and several others. Things are picking up in the market so now is the time to stay focused as we go into the last weeks of the year.

Pairs discussed in video.

#EURUSD 03:34
#AUDUSD 06:33
#GBPUSD 09:19
#NZDUSD 10:13
#USDCAD 11:37
#USDCHF 13:15
#USDJPY 15:10
#EURJPY 17:26
#EURGBP 18:29
#CADJPY 21:37

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Please NOTE: I am not giving financial advice, I am not recommending, encouraging or discouraging you from investing at this time or any other time. I am only presenting my view of the market based on my experiences which you need to evaluate and make a decision on according to your personal strategy.


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