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Weekly Market forecast for the week ahead. USD DXY is dropping as we have been expecting so we are in that trade and looking for scale-ins.

#DXY 0:00
#EURUSD 02:23
#USDCHF 06:31
#USDJPY 08:43
#USDCAD 10:00
#NZDUSD 11:42
#GBPUSD 13:17
#AUDUSD 14:29
#CADJPY 15:06
#EURCAD 16:30
#EURGBP 18:05
#EURJPY 20:18
#EURNZD 21:50
#AUDNZD 22:58

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Will do a separate Bitcoin video hopefully tomorrow.

Please NOTE: I am not giving financial advice, I am not recommending, encouraging or discouraging you from investing at this time or any other time. I am only presenting my view of the market based on my experiences which you need to evaluate and make a decision on according to your personal strategy.


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