The Alphabet union group has pointed out that each registered member will contribute 1% of their annual compensation to the union. 

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) stocks were trading around $1,759.49, up 0.39% during Monday’s pre-market session. Alphabet shares managed to jump over 28% last year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Having successfully delivered to its shareholders last year, the company successfully migrated to a remote working system to control the spread amongst its workers. Notably, the company reported a total of 127,498 workers in its 2020 second-quarter results. With such a huge number of employees, it is bound to experience challenges in meeting all the needs of different employees at various positions and sectors. Hereby calling for a workers union that could closely monitor the Alphabet working conditions for the registered members.

Alphabet has several subsidiaries with Google being one of its major contributors. In total, the company has a reported market valuation of approximately $1.19 trillion and 300.64 outstanding shares.

Notably, almost all of Alphabet’s subsidiaries are tech-related companies that offer services to global customers, both retail and institutional customers. Therefore making its employees a major backbone to its future growth prospects.

Alphabet-Google Workers Form Union

In a bid to stay united and protected under one umbrella, a group of Google-Alphabet workers has announced plans to form a union. Apparently, the group that is estimated to have more than 200 workers intends to unionize through the help of Communication Workers of America.

Notably, the Alphabet union group has pointed out that each registered member will contribute 1% of their annual compensation to the union. This is in a bid to keep the union running and capable of onboarding the most qualified staff members.

“This is historic—the first union at a major tech company by and for all tech workers,” Dylan Baker, a software engineer at Google, said in a statement. “We will elect representatives, we will make decisions democratically, we will pay dues, and we will hire skilled organizers to ensure all workers at Google know they can work with us if they actually want to see their company reflect their values.”

The union cited that the company has a significant portion of contract workers who are denied most of the notable benefits. The union is expected to deal with such and more emerging issues.

However, it should be noted that the union might not be established without a fight with the company’s leadership. The leadership is expected to fight the formation of a union as observed with the Kickstarter union formation. Apparently, the Kickstarter union formation took almost ten months to be established.

Google is facing a court case filed by the National Labor Relations Board last month, accusing it of employee surveillance which violates the National Labor Relations Act.

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