Pfizer requires the government to give them access to about nine specialized products which is said to include Lipids, and this can be done by invoking the defense production act.

Pfizer Inc (NYSE: PFE) is on the verge of joining Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA) to gain access to the emergency distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the US as negotiation nears a conclusion. As part of the deal, Pfizer will provide tens of millions of doses in exchange for the US government directives which according to reports include access to manufacturing supplies.

The deal which centers on mutual benefit will solve the impending challenge of vaccine shortages that could affect about 110 million adults in the country. The idea of getting all Americans vaccinated can be materialized especially as the pharmaceutical company has become the first to get authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

There was a report that the government has entered into a deal with Pfizer to supply several doses, and just a week ago, it was revealed that another negotiation was ongoing to get additional 100 million doses. However, the part of the deal that has to do with assisting the pharmaceutical company to get access to supplies is not familiar.

Dr. Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer earlier revealed that the timing for the vaccine delivery is still under discussion as the US government is pushing for the delivery In the 2nd quarter of 2021 instead of the proposed 3rd quarter by the company.

Pfizer was reportedly in active engagement with the US government to assist them to obtain raw materials for the manufacturing of the vaccine, however, the response was not encouraging.

With the government asking for 100 million doses by the second quarter of 2021, Pfizer believes they can come out with at least 70 million doses if they obtain the supplies and raw materials. Pfizer requires the government to give them access to about nine specialized products which is said to include Lipids, and this can be done by invoking the defense production act. Part of the reasons why there was no positive response for the supplies request was because Pfizer refused to promise that those supplies would only be used in the manufacturing of vaccines for Americans.

A senior official in the Trump administration revealed that:

“It’s our obligation under that type of priority rating to make sure that assets are used only for U.S. sales or production.”

Moderna is also under the same contract with the US with an agreement to provide additional 100 million doses. If these doses are provided including the additional 100 million provided by Pfizer, 60 million Americans will be left uncovered and be an opportunity for other producers to cover.

PFE Stock Performance Is Boosted by Pfizer Performance in the US

Pfizer’s stock was one of the most highly demanded stocks in the market as it made a good gain in the last two months. The reason was because of its monopolistic advantage in the US market. However, EUA has been granted to Moderna by the US Food and Drug Administration making its monopoly a thing of the past.

People now believe that the Pfizer story is over with another COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson Holdings Inc (NYSE: JNJ) in the pipeline with its last phase study expected to be conducted next month. Unlike the other vaccines, the Jonhson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine requires just a single dose. The future outlook of Pfizer is now uncertain with more rivals appearing in the scene.

Yesterday, PFE stock lost 1.7% of its value to trade at $36.74. However, today, in the pre-market, the stock is 0.52% up.

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