Wall Street analysts continue to monitor the situation in the oil and gas industry. Shell stock received an average of Over rating from 33 ratings. 

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (AMS: RDSA) stock continued with its five-day dip as of January 29 at 17.36 GMT +1. Notably, Shell stock was trading around €15.32 after dropping approximately 1.93%. The Netherlands-based global energy company was significantly affected by the coronavirus market downturns. At the time of writing, the stock is trading at €15.21 (-0.68%).

Shell stock ostensibly dropped approximately 33.83% since the outbreak of the coronavirus. The dip has largely been attributed to the dwindling demand for fuel products in the global market. Notably, more businesses are shifting towards either clean energy or renewable energy sources.

As a result, the company is slowly morphing to fit with the global demand, especially in the energy sector. According to news outlet Reuters, Shell is set to present its new investment strategy on February 11. Whereby it is anticipated that the company will focus more on becoming an intermediary between clean power producers and customers than investing billions in renewable projects.

Shell Stock and Its Market Performance

Shell prides itself in being a leader in the global fuel trading industry, whereby it is reported that it has a dominance of up to 13% in the global fuel trading industry. However, with the decreased demand, particularly fueled by the grounded air travel industry, Shell’s trading market share is deemed to have dropped significantly.

In its strategic plan to evolve in the energy industry, Shell previously announced that it would increase its spending on low-carbon energy to 25% of overall capital expenditure by 2025. Apparently, this would reciprocate to approximately $5 billion up from around $1.5 billion.

Meanwhile, Shell anticipates keeping its oil and gas output stable for the next ten years in order to fund its transition strategy. The low demand in the oil industry tangled up together with increased competition from other suppliers has significantly advised the change in investment strategy.

Having experienced one of its worst years in 2020, Shell company anticipates a better future as the global economy continues to recover from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Data provided by MarketWatch indicates Shell stock dropped 33% last year, however, it has managed to add approximately 34.27%, and 5.18% in the past three months and one month respectively.

Wall Street analysts continue to monitor the situation in the oil and gas industry. According to a survey done by MarketWatch, Shell stock received an average of Over rating from 33 ratings.

One of t recent ratings came from a Zacks analyst in a blog on energy-based companies. According to the report by Zacks, with Shell expected to report its fourth-quarter earnings results on February 4, Zacks Consensus Estimate is a profit of 17 cents per share – revised 29.2% downward in the last seven days.

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